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Trademark renewal in Tunisia

Trademark renewal in Tunisia

Once you have obtained your Tunisian trademark registration, you must take certain steps to maintain your registration. Otherwise the Tunisian Trademark Office (INNORPI) will cancel your registration. We are specialist in Trademark renewal in Tunisia.

The process of a Trademark renewal in Tunisia is simple, easy and inexpensive.

A trademark is a design, sign or logo which can distinguish the products of a particular provider from other providers. It may be located on the package or label of the product. A trademark enables a provider to have a branding of his or her product. Trademarks registration is done for a set number of years according to trademarks concerned laws in different countries post which it needs to be renewed. This article deals with the trademark renewal in Tunisia.

Trademark registration in Tunisia is done on the legal basis of the Trademark Law No 36-2001 of April 2001. Enforced starting April 23rd, 2001. This law regulates the rules concerning trademarks. Total time frame from applying for trademark registration to actually getting it is around one (1) year. A Tunisian registration is valid for ten (10) years from the date of applying for it and post 10 years one has to renew the trademark registration.

Renewal requests can be submitted directly to the Tunisian Trademark Office or through a Tunisian Trademark attorney who can file the request for the applicant. Let’s dig deep to see the trademark renewal in Tunisia and its process in details.

Steps involved in renewal of Trademark Registration in Tunisia

Filling up the Trademark Renewal Application form: The first step in the process of renewal of a trademark registration in Tunisia is to fill the renewal application form is where all the information about the registered trademark, the concerned trademark’s owner and the contact information of the owner need to be filled in details.

Required Documents for a Trademark renewal in Tunisia

  1. A simply signed Power of Attorney (PoA).
  2. The number and date of the registered trademark or a copy of the trademark registration certificate.

According to new regulations issued by the Tunisian Trademark Office on January 1, 2010; the renewal Certificate’s official fees needs to be paid along with the renewal application to facilitate quicker renewals and reduced time frames. The renewal certificate will be issued by the Trademark office within around 20 days from renewal date.

A six (6) months grace period is allowed to the applicant to file a late renewal request upon payment of the late fees.

Trademark renewal in Tunisia is very important for business. They are an asset which grows as a business grows. They enable the expansion of business from one industry to another. When a trademark is bought, it effectively means buying a brand. Trademark renewals are very important as a lapsed registration may lead to confusion with a similar trademark newly registered in that lapsed period. It might be possible to reach an agreement to cancel the newer registration, but the law would usually be in favor of the currently registered trademark even if the expired or lapsed registration is older than the currently registered similar trademark. Tunisian trademarks should be renewed immediately once they expire.

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