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Guide to protect a trademark in Tunisia

Guide to trademark protection in Tunisia

As Tunisian Intellectual Property law firm focusing in IP sector, we launched this website, Tunisian Trademark Attorney, to help our Tunisian and International Clients operating the trademarks sector how to prevent problems as well as to help them to solve these problems.

Through this specialised website, Tunisian Trademark Attorney, we offer to our clients a full range of trademarks legal services in Tunisia and worldwide. By this way, our clients will benefit from an independent dedicated website from which they can refer to our trademarks legal services in more detail.

Intellectual Property law still a main practice of Achour Law Firm. Trademark law is just one of the specialist services we provide. For more information about us and our full range of services please visit our official website at:

You are looking for experienced, leading Tunisian Trademark Attorney, Tunisian Trade Mark Specialist, Trademark Agent in Tunisia, Achour law firm | IP is well positioned to assist you and to provide you with a tailor legal advice on all the legal aspects of the Tunisian Trademarks law.

This specialised website is now under construction. It will be launched in the few coming days. Whatever you have a trademark query or concern please do not hesitate to contact us for a free legal consultation and we will be pleased to provide you with tailor guidance.

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