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Trademark Portfolio Management in Tunisia

Trademark portfolio management includes end to end management of a trademark application. This cover tracking an application, upcoming deadlines, providing the client with such information, coordinating with foreign attorneys regarding foreign applications and complete management of an application till registration and renewal thereafter. This includes Trademark watching services as well.

Trademark portfolio management in Tunisia is one of our main practices.

Trademark portfolio management allows an effective consultation and maintenance of all your trademarks. This service, provided by our team, includes several advantages, such as having a dedicated account manager monitoring your processes in the client area or defining the best strategy for representing, maintaining, and legally protecting your trademarks.

Managing a trademark is a difficult task. As it expires after 10 years and must be renewed, it’s essential to keep in mind the upcoming deadlines. However, 10 years is a long time, and it’s not always possible for a trademark owner to keep track of it. This is where a trademark specialist can help.

How to manage Trademark Portfolio efficiently in Tunisia ?

Achour Law Firm | IP has many years of expertise in dealing with Patents, Trademarks, copyrights, contracts, corporate disputes and commercial litigation to name a few. We can help you with Trademark Portfolio Management in Tunisia.

We have expertise in managing trade mark portfolios and regularly advise our clients on the development and implementation of IP strategies aimed at maximizing protection of IP assets in the most cost effective manner.

Via our Trademark portfolio management services, we assist our clients by reviewing their existing trade mark portfolio’s and identifying any potential overlap in the protection afforded by relevant marks which may allow for rationalization of the portfolio and cost savings without the loss of any intellectual property rights.

We add value by working collaboratively with our clients to select, secure, protect and enforce our clients’ trademarks, seeking to minimize their litigation risks in furtherance of their specific business objectives and branding strategies. When conflict cannot be avoided, we bring our comprehensive experience and understanding of international trademark law, systems and practice to bear in assisting clients to develop creative and effective international enforcement and litigation strategies.

If you are interested in Trademark portfolio management in Tunisia, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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