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Achour Law Firm | IP is a recognised Tunisian trademark agent. We have a substantial trade mark practice and we provide first class trademark services.

As a recognised and leading Tunisian trademark agent, we are able to advise and assist clients in connection with all aspects of Tunisian and overseas trade mark protection, including the selection / searching, registration, management and maintenance, policing and enforcement of trade marks.

In Tunisia, trademark agent is a professional permitted under the Tunisian Trademarks Law No. 2001-36 of 17 April 2001 on Protection of Trademarks & Service Marks as amended and supplemented by the Law No. 2007-50 of 23 July 2007 to represent and act on behalf of trademark owners to obtain their trademark registrations before the Tunisian Trademark Office (INNORPI). While some trademark agents may also be lawyers, this is not a prerequisite for becoming a trademark agent in Tunisia.

The role of a Tunisian trademark agent includes preparing, filing and prosecuting trademark applications for registration; giving opinions on the registrability of trademarks in accordance with criteria imposed by the Tunisian Trademarks Law and practice and conducting searches to confirm whether likelihood of confusion might exist between the planned trademark and anterior trademarks.

The registration of a trademark in Tunisia is not automatic. The Tunisian Trademark Office must first approve the trademark application for being published in the Trademarks gazette. If any objection was raised by the Trademark Office or if the trademark application was opposed by third party, the Tunisian trademark agent shall draft an appropriate response or prosecutes the opposition proceedings to defend his client’s interests and presents appropriate evidences and arguments.

The trademark agent must have deep knowledge of the Tunisian Trademarks Law as well as related rules, jurisprudence and Trademarks Office practice.  The Tunisian trademark agent must have good communication skills, both in writing and in person, with clients, other legal professionals, advertising agents, Registry officials and foreign associates, and in order to prepare search opinions, responses to examiner’s reports and written arguments for use in an opposition.

The Tunisian trademark agent advises and serves trademark owners in the maintenance and protection of their trademarks so that they remain distinctive and are properly used. A trademark agent also assists trademark owners with trademark licensing and franchising so that the distinctiveness and enforceability of trademarks still maintained, failing which they are vulnerable to expungement from the register.

A trademark agent also assists trademark owners to recording any change of registered trademarks ownership / name / address, security agreements affecting trademarks, as well as attending in renewals in proper time.

The Tunisian trademark agent may also assist trademark owners by managing their trademark portfolio internationally.  This involves liaising with foreign trademark professionals and monitoring foreign applications and registrations.

In Tunisia, most trademark owners choose their representation before the Tunisian Trademark Office by a Tunisian trademark agent for their knowledge of the Trademarks law as well as related rules, jurisprudence, and Trademark Office practice.

We pride ourselves on providing our clients with pragmatic and commercially-relevant advice, particularly when assisting our clients to develop trade mark policies and strategies, or handling contentious matters or conflict situations. We are also able to offer advice and assistance in the related areas of domain names, company names, copyright, registered designs and unregistered design right.

If you are looking for a recognised Tunisian trademark agent, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are well positioned to help you with:

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