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Tunisian trademark application

Tunisian trademark application

There are important several aspects of a Tunisian Trademark Application to be taken into consideration.

To get a Tunisian Trademark registration that can be used to protect a company’s name or logo from use by other competitors, your Tunisian trademark application shall be field in good and due form.

The exclusive right on the use of mark or logo can be confined only after registration of the mark with the Tunisian Trademarks Register. In order to register a trademark, an application must be made in the acceptable format to the Trademark Registrer. The Trademark Registrar will examine the trademark application and allow the mark to be registered if there are no oppositions, while the mark application is published in the Trademarks gazette. In this article, we look at some of the important aspects of a Tunisian trademark application, that can make or break the registration.

Type of the Tunisian Trademark Application

A Tunisian trademark application can be made for a unique logo, word or other aspects like shape, smell and sound. However, logo or device and word-mark are the most popular types. Hence, before starting the application process, its best to have a discussion about the type of trademark registration and ensure its in line with the business objective.

Class of the Tunisian Trademark Application

The class of registration also impacts the application. Hence, while choosing the class of registration, its important to check the Nice Classification and ensure that your Tunisian trademark application matches the class under which the goods/services fall under.

Trademark Applicant

Trademark registration can be made in the name of an individual, proprietorship, partnership firm, private limited company, one person company, LLP, Association, etc., Based on the type of applicant, the documents to be submitted and the authorised signatory would vary. Hence, care must be taken to ensure that the trademark applicant and authorised person signing the application are as per the Trademark Guidelines.

Trademark Description

The trademark description contains a list of products or services the mark represents. Its important for all the goods / service mentioned in the description to be within the class under which the application is made. If the trademark description contains a product or service not within the same class, then the application can be refused. Hence, special care must be taken to ensure that the trademark description is in conformity with the class of registration.

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