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Trademark registration changes

Trademark registration changes

Once you obtained your Tunisian trademark registration, you must take certain steps to maintain your registration updated. You have to change your trademark registration details with the Tunisian Trademark Office (INNORPI) once there a change in your identity or your address. We are specialist in managing Trademark registration changes.

It is important that the details included in the Tunisian Trademarks Register are correct and up-to-date. If anything changes, you can ask us to manage your Trademark registration changes and to amend the details in the National Register.

The most common change is, of course, a change of address. However, your company’s name may also change, or you may transfer (sell) your trademark, grant another party a licence or give your trademark in pledge to the bank. In addition, another party may have a writ of attachment served on your trademark registration, or you may wish to surrender (withdraw) your trademark registration (possibly for some of the goods or services). These are all matters which have to be recorded on Tunisian Trademarks Register so that they can be referred to in dealings with others. 

Which common Trademark registration changes are possible ?

  • Name and address;
  • Agent;
  • Correspondence address;
  • Limitation of the list of goods and services (extension is not possible);
  • Transfer of rights;
  • Registration or deletion of a licence;
  • Regulations on use and control (in the event of a collective trademark);
  • Registration or deletion of rights of pledge and attachments.

Which Trademark registration changes are not possible ?

  • The trademark itself can never be changed.
  • The list of goods and services can never be extended (but can be limited).
  • A collective trademark can never be converted into an individual trademark (and vice versa).

Trademark registration changes are governed by the Decree No. 2015-303 of June 1, 2015, establishing the Procedures for Registration and Opposition, as well as the Procedures relating to Recordal on the National Marks Register.

If you are interested in managing your Trademark registration changes in Tunisia, please feel free to contact us.

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