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Register a trademark in Tunisia

Register a trademark in Tunisia

Registering a trade mark is the best way to protect your company, brand and reputation. Apply to register a trademark in Tunisia via our firm.

To register a trademark in Tunisia, the process is simple, easy and inexpensive.  

A trademark is something which has the ability to distinguish goods of a particular trader or manufacturer from other similar kinds of goods so as to protect the consumers’ interest as well the traders’. This may come in the form of a device illustrating a picture of humans, animals, letters, signature, words or any such combination. It indicates the relationship between the trader and the goods. It is also a great advertisement medium for the products as well as their quality. The objective of trademark law is to provide permission to an enterprise to acquire an exclusive right to share, use or allocate a mark, thereby registering the enterprise’s trademark. Service marks are closely associated with trademarks where services of an enterprise are distinguished from services of various other enterprises, and in this article we will respond to the following question: why register a trademark in Tunisia ?

Here are listed few of the benefits to register a trademark in Tunisia:

  1. Inauguration of Brand Name
    • The quality of various products and services are indicated.
    • Establishment of brand and goodwill shall be earned.
    • Owning the name “Branded Goods” which further helps is adding value to the products or goods.
    • Advertisements will reach to the target customers easily.
    • It is the most efficient commercial tool which helps in establishing the identity of a particular product or service.
    • While you register a trademark in Tunisia, you help in increasing value of a particular brand of goods to its potential customers thereby allowing the customer to pay more just for the goodwill that has been built.
  2. An asset served
    • Provides an advantage of long-term competition.
    • It is a business asset that will be appreciated for its value over a span of time.
    • Adds value ahead of core business as well as makes way for business expansion.
  3. A tool for communication
    • Register a trademark in Tunisia helps the consumers to create a clear distinction and therefore choose their desired product or service.
    • A number of technical issues get wrapped within a single symbol or logo. For example reputation, needs of consumers, company and products and services concerned.
    • It reaches across borders, language and culture thereby communicating with a mass of people over countries.
  4. Increase in sales volume
    • Significant differences marked among competing products and services.
    • Important enough to draw consumer’s attention to the concerned product or service.
  5. An inexpensive protection
    • Possesses an infinite lifetime just by renewing it.
    • Prevails in the top-of-mind especially for all the internet users.
    • Develops loyalty thereby relying on the known product and services’ brands.

Tunisia is an active member of  Paris Convention for the Protection of Industrial Property (1883) and Nice Classification (NCL). To register a trademark in Tunisia, the International classification of services and products shall be respected. 

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