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Tunisian Trademarks benefit from a specific regulatory framework and are managed by the Industrial property office, Institut National de la Normalisation et de la Propriété Industrielle (INNORPI)

The Tunisian Trademarks legislation consists in National regulations and International Conventions and Treaties.

Trademarks are the most valuable assets a business will ever own.  Businesses of all sizes spend a considerable amount of time and resources creating, developing, and implementing their trademarks with the goal of building substantial brand recognition and goodwill among consumers like you and me, and they will often go through the Tunisian trademark registration process in order to protect them.

Specific regulatory framework : Coherent Tunisian trademarks legislation: 

The Tunisian Trademarks legislation consists in National regulations and International Conventions and Treaties.

National regulations of the Tunisian Trademarks legislation

  • Law No. 2001-36 of April 17, 2001, on the Protection of Trademarks & Service Marks, amended and supplemented by the Law No. 2007-50 of 23 July 2007.
  • Decree No. 2015-303 of June 1, 2015, establishing the Procedures for Registration and Opposition, as well as the Procedures relating to recordal on the National Marks Register.
  • Order of the Minister of Finance of December 3, 2001, fixing the form of the written application for suspension of customs clearance of importing goods containing counterfeit mark and the procedures for submitting the application to customs.

Main International Conventions and Treaties of the Tunisian Trademarks legislation

The Tunisian Trademark office:

The Tunisian Industrial Property Office (INNORPI) is the official Tunisian government body responsible for trademarks.

The Tunisian Industrial Property Office operate and maintain a clear and accessible trademarks system, which encourages innovation and helps the economy and society to benefit from knowledge and ideas. The Tunisian Trademark office help people get the right type of protection for their creation or invention.

The Tunisian Trademarks Office manage trademarks, challenge and resolve trademark applications oppositions. The office, in an attempt to facilitate trademark registration and renewal procedures decided :

  • On January 1, 2012, online trademarks, patents and designs applications.
  • On January 1, 2010, the official renewal certificate fees shall be paid within filing the renewal application.

The Tunisian Industrial Property Office (INNORPI) joined TMclass on 15 May 2015. These latest additions bring a total of 45 national and regional IP Offices, including OHIM, WIPO and OAPI, into the tool. TMclass now offers users the opportunity to search and translate terms to and from any of the 34 available languages. This successful integration is the result of the joint effort and cooperation within the framework of the International Cooperation Programme managed by OHIM in collaboration with its international partners.

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