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Trademark infringement in Tunisia

Trademark infringement

Trademark infringement occurs if another party, in the course of trade, uses a sign that is substantially identical and confusable with, or deceptively similar to, a trademark already in use. Well-known marks are frequently targets for this type of activity with disingenuous competitors offering poor quality or inferior substitute goods and services. We are specialist in trademark infringement in Tunisia.

In today’s world, it is common for duplicitous companies, organisations and individuals to use the commercial advantages and assets of others, such as trademarks, in unfair or illegal attempts to succeed in business. Trademark infringement can be a significant threat to successful businesses, harming revenues and profits as well as commercial standing, character and reputations that have been hard-earned.

Trademark infringement is a serious problem happening increasingly around the globe, often through the act of counterfeiting, with the range of fake goods and pirated items increasing hugely. Some estimates suggest that the market for counterfeit goods could be as high as 10 per cent of global trade. Figures from official bodies such as the International Counterfeiting Intelligence Bureau (ICIB) indicate the figure is lower at five to seven per cent which is approaching £400bn in worldwide trade.

It is important for trademark owners to maintain vigilance of their marks in the marketplace. Where infringement arises, knowledge and application of the law is able to protect businesses, their intellectual property and related assets. The law is crucial for tackling infringement cases, from knowing what is unlawful to what is within the law.

For trademarks, it is possible to use legal measures, including enforcement action if necessary, to protect the mark identity of businesses. Achour Law Firm | IP is well positioned to help clients protect their essential mark identity, whether in the context of brick-and-mortar outlets or in cyberspace and whether in a traditional sale of goods or in a sweepstakes promotion.

We work closely with clients to uncover and prevent trademark infringement and counterfeits. Trademark watching services help us monitor our clients’ marks to identify potential infringements. We act aggressively to put a halt to unauthorized use of our clients’ marks – either voluntarily or through court intervention – and we obtain all relief to which our clients are entitled, including injunctions against further infringement and, in appropriate instances, monetary damages and legal expenses. We also work closely with Tunisian Customs to stem the importation into Tunisia of counterfeit goods.

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