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Trademark assignment in Tunisia

Trademark assignment in Tunisia

Trademark assignment is the transfer of ownership of a trademark application or trademark registration from one entity to another. The transferring party called the assignor; transfers to the receiving party called the assignee its property rights in the trademark. The Tunisian Trademark Office (INNORPI) recommend recording assignments to maintain clear title to pending trademark applications and registrations.

A trademark assignment is very different from a license. License is the grant of mere permission to use a mark in some limited manner. When a trademark license is granted there is no transfer of property rights in the trademark.

The essentials of a valid trademark assignment is that the assignment must:

  • Be given for consideration, or else made under seal;
  • Clearly identify the marks;
  • Clearly identify the assignor and assignee;
  • Clearly indicate that goodwill is included.

According to the Tunisian Trademarks law, a trademark assignment shall be in written. It can be proven by oral evidence.

The Trademark Law No.36 was brought into action in Tunisia on 19 April 2001. The different aspects of marks are protected by this law. Given below is the importance of a Trademark assignment in Tunisia.

  • Trademarks play a very important role in protecting the consumers and also assist in the promotion of the economic growth of a company globally.
  • Trademarks help the customers in making quick, confident and proper decisions of purchasing that are safe.
  • Trademarks help in promoting the freedom of choice.
  • Trademarks help in encouraging a competition that is vibrant which helps in the customer’s’ benefits and also the society.

Trademarks play one of the most important roles in the commercial growth of a company. It basically helps in forming the foundation of a business to the consumer or the purchaser. It helps in providing a link in between the manufacturer and the goods. If the reputation of a company is very good, then the customers do not have to think twice before going for the trademarked company. It is not necessary to know anything about the manufacturer, but the trademark of a company does the talking. It takes a really long time for a company’s trademark to stand out in the eyes of the customers so that he can gain benefits that are long term. A trademark that has been well chosen has a very strong value that is beyond the company’s physical asset. A trademark lets a person take a product decision or service decision as soon as he sets his eye on the brand name or the logo name. This is why it is important to record a Trademark Assignment in Tunisia.

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